Friday, May 20, 2011

Letter From Above

Little One,

Be not afraid, for I am with you. It is I who have given you the sunshine, the breeze, the green grass, blue sky, the blue of your daughters' eyes, the kind and gentle eyes of one child and the inherent goodness of another. I have created all of the goodness in the world. My world, My creation. It has much beauty and much good. It was My blood spilled, My back scourged, My head pierced, My tendons cut by the cruel nails, My heart lanced for the redemption and suffering of My world, My creation. It was My responsibility because My people went astray. So I took the responsibility out of love for you. I have suffered all that you are suffering. I have been rejected more than it is possible for you to feel rejected. My suffering surpasses all because my love is perfect and most tender. Because of this, My suffering surpasses human suffering.

Can you not see that these words reveal to you my deep inner anguish over the many lost souls in the world? My heart is broken as well! I am able to sympathize with your sad and broken hearts. Oh my dear little child you must rely on my strength and love to get through this time. All will be well. All is well. Soon you will see my salvation come to you and your loved ones. Your children and their needs will find a ready helper, counselor and friend in my compassionate love.
I know that I have seemed distant. Not So. I have been quiet but I am not distant. I am present even now. I have not, nor ever will, abandon you. For your love for me has remained steadfast despite all of your suffering. Because you have remained loyal to my service I will honor you with many blessings. Not all of my blessings are painful as some are.

Suffering produces endurance and ultimately spiritual strength. It is this strength that will get you through the hard days ahead and will allow you to be my helper in this troubled world of mine. I am asking you and all those who love me to be my co-workers for the salvation of others. How can you endure with no spiritual strength? Suffering and sorrow are effective means of gaining the strength to help in my noble necessity of rescuing the lost. So Please endure a little longer. My family, The Holy Family is praying for you. We love you as family. Just as I came to suffer and save MY world, we are your family in heaven and we are committed to saving and helping you, just because you belong to us and you have asked.

My Mother’s tender heart bleeds at your tears. She has advocated for your needs, hopes, dreams and desires. She has prayed for all of your loved ones. She continues to plead your cause. St Joseph is also advocating for you. How great a blessing that MY Family is on your side! Rejoice. Look up. See the sky and know that my love comes from many sources and has the power to save, heal and give new life and hope; the gift of faith, truth and joy. Peace be with you. Trust Me. Amen

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